One Step at a Time

As a child, Annice Carter was taught the value of helping oth- ers. Her family’s charitable legacy is well known throughout this community, and Annice beams with pride when she talks about their contributions. Annice is proud of herself, too. She has dealt with a lot of challenges in her life, but has found the strength to make it through.

Before graduating Getting Ahead in 2011, Annice stated, “I never gave myself credit to do anything worth completing.” To- day Annice has a quiet confidence and is consistent in working towards her goals. She looks forward to completing her GED, and would like pursue a degree in addictions counseling.

Annice credits Getting Ahead with reinforcing the values that her parents taught her as a child. She is an active member of the Leadership Group.

Her family legacy will live on because of her commitment to herself, to her children, and to her community. “I want to do something great for the kids out there,” Annice stated, “I want to create something wonderful.” Annice is on her way to achieving her goal.