August Tip Sheet

Getting Ahead Newsletter July

A poem inspired by Bridges Out of Poverty

Broken heart again, no lesson learned

The bridges to make it, long since they burned

By generational curses and those who wanted to be

No example to look to, so the example became me

I had to learn, I had to see

That this wasn't the way, it doesn't have to be

To know that I can make it, that I can learn

To rebuild the bridges that were burned

I can make the changes and switch my track

Because I carry strength and resilience in my invisible knapsack

-ToiKeshia Coleman

July Tip Sheet


As warm days and summer activities are upon us it is important to remember that animals can become overwhelmed with the heat and hustle as well. Make sure to have your pet up to date on all of its vaccines, especially rabies! It is state law and can help you and your pet stay healthy if any accidents occur over the summer months.


Don't hesitate to get in contact with your local Scouts to get your son or daughter enrolled! Scouts is a great way to expose your child to new experiences and possibilities. with a $33 annual fee, it is worth the cost to offer the opportunity to our next generation to do something positive with their time.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes are held for adults on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:30 at eh New City of South Bend Church. Students pay for books but the classes are free. Call Rachel at (313)923-7164. Ingles como segundo idioma para adultos.


This is the time of year that you want to work hard to protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of the sun. Do you really know what you are supposed to be doing or avoiding? Follow the link and take the American Cancer Society's Sun Cancer Quiz to test your knowledge.

For the Family

June 29, 2018 - July 7, 2018 the St. Joseph County Fair is coming to town! Located at the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds 5117 S Ironwood Dr. South Bend, IN 46614 Admission is $8.00 and daily admission is free before 9am.

Bring the whole family to DAV#19 Firework display on July 7th!  The festivities will be held at 1205 Middleton Run Road. Admission is free. 

Never Forget Tribute and Youth Art Exhibit. Held Tuesdays and Thursdays in July, this is a memorial ceremony and youth art contest to honor the first responders and military men and women who lost their lives during the attacks of September 11th, and the ones who continue to lay their life on the line to protect us every day. 

EnviroFest is coming up on July 13th! this is a great way for the family or for the individual to come out and explore the beautiful Wellfield Botanic Gardens at 1011 N. Main Street in Elkhart. EnviroFest will have live music, topical speakers, "vendors, organizations, and artists showcasing innovative ideas, sustainability initiatives, products, services, art, and more. Don’t miss one of the highlights of EnviroFest – the silent auction and raffle - with a variety of fun and practical items donated by local businesses." Admission is $5.00, 12 and under are free. Those over 21 will have an opportunity to explore the Beer Garden. 

For the Teens

Express yourself by creating your own music! There is a special open lab summer series coming up July 11th, 18th, and 25th. The SJCPL will be using Studio 304's audio production equipment and software. You will have the opportunity to show case your music on August 1st. Reservations are recommended. This even is for ages 14-18.

Getting Ahead Newsletter June


  Ms. Monica Ali is a woman with her heart set on service to others. Coming from a unique upbringing has given Monica the opportunity to pour love into people’s lives through acts of service that range from buying shoes and coats for families to being able to minister to those around her who are in need of a caring heart. She has experienced physical and then financial loss in her life that led to her needing workman’s compensation. She was blessed with the ability to get past the need of workman’s compensation to the point of giving back the money she was provided because she didn’t need it. 
  She never expected to be in the spot that she is now…needing to take a class on poverty; however, as one of Bridges Out of Poverty of Goodwill’s Getting Ahead Class graduates, she is grateful for the opportunity to have done so. Monica has this to say about the Getting Ahead class; “I didn’t understand poverty, but now I understand it. I learned how to do, and where to go” and it “helped me regain ‘me’”. 

I can be happy again!
— Monica Ali

  Through the class and the empowerment she feels, she is determined to tell the world about the good things she has discovered. She wants to share with everyone, but women especially, just how strong women are. “Women are strong. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong!” Monica said, “I am a minister, I encourage everybody. This time I needed encouragement, and the ladies in this class gave me that! This class helped me to the point where I can be happy again.”
  From this point forward Monica has great aspirations. She has expressed her dreams to invest in and open up her own consignment shop. After creating a financial foundation for herself through the consignment shop she wants to open a home for unwed mothers. “To help one another, to love everyone, that’s what we are here to do.” We here at Bridges Out of Poverty of Goodwill are excited to see where Monica Ali’s Future Story leads her.

June Tip Sheet


Five Star Living is a program sweeping our northern Indiana communities. Five Star Life is focuses on "At-Risk Education & Academic Support", "Workforce Rediness", "Mentoring", "Character Education", and "Experiential Learning". It is not too early to consider this avenue for your children or the children of those closest to you. Apply to enroll your students in Five Star Life! Take the action to reduce highschool drop out while they are still in middle school, do your part to reduce juvinile crime and increase the success of our next generation. *click for link to application


SNAP is the Spay Neuter Assistance Program. You must be a resident of the State of Indiana. Limited-income pet owners pay $20 per surgery after meeting eligibility requirements. It is very important to get your pets spayed and neutered to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals, as well as keep your animals safe and healthy.


If you are looking for some peace of mind during this season of birth for you and your family, register at 1-855-88-SJMED. There will be a tour of the Family Birthplace at the SJ Health System Mishawaka Medical Center. Meet in the main atrium at 6:00 pm on 06/18/18, there is no fee.

For the Family

June 9th, go to the 25th annual "Shortcakes on the blacktop" at the Cathedral of St. James, 117 N. Lafayette Blvd. in South Bend. call ahead and pre-order starting June 1st! $5 charge

Join the St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church on June 9th-11th | ($3; free for ages 12 and younger) | for the 42nd Annual Greek Festival

The Leeper Park Art Fair is June 17-18, and is free to the public. Leeper Park will be hosting an exciting art fair suitable for all ages! 900 N. Michigan St., South Bend.

The second Saturday of every month this summer, there will be free movie nights on the Gridiron. Movies start at approximately 9:30 pm, with more information about the movies being shown coming soon.

This is a special day for all military families. On June 3rd at the Potawatomi Zoo from 10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. there will be featured organizations that are dedicated to helping current members, veterans, and the families of service members. Along with proper identification, admission if free for members of the military including veterans, active and reserve. 

April Tip Sheet

Getting Ahead Newsletter April

St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty is highlighting Ms. Dorrine Henderson once again! Dorrine has allowed her involvement in Bridges Out of Poverty’s Getting Ahead Class to really impact her life. We, here at Bridges, felt that it would encouraging to see just where our graduate, Dorrine, is now.

Dorrine is currently working as a counselor in two different facilities. She is a counselor, at the Victory Clinic, a non-profit dealing with methadone addiction; and at the Ducomb Center, where she is assisting those in the home detention and work release programs. Dorrine has completed her masters and now she is pursuing several different state and national counseling exams such as the CAADC II and LMACHA that would help her better assist the community that she has a heart for.  Dorrine has a dream of opening her own addiction treatment center. She has a heart for those who have dealt with or are dealing with addictions. She believes that much like the financially under-resourced, those who deal with addictions have a lack of resources, so she hopes to bring them counseling and resource services once she has her own facility.

Dorrine Henderson.jpg
It’s never too late!
— Dorrine Henderson

Along with her desire to have an addiction treatment center, she also has a heart for the women involved with H.O.T. (Hear Our Tears). Though her focus is largely on her addiction treatment center, she has also been putting a lot of energy and passion into finding and funding a safe house for the women involved in H.O.T.’s programs.

When I asked Dorrine what encouragement she could offer others, she had much to say! She wants to make sure everyone knows “there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” She is a firm believer in “it’s never too late to continue or create a dream” and “never too late for education.” She shared something she learned Getting Ahead Classes she would like to pass on and this is something that all the people she works with benefits from: time management. And remember…“you need “me” time… whatever gives you a little bit of delight is what you need to do.”

Dorrine has been making waves of change as she continues to live her life serving those around her with heartfelt commitment. With all of that focus on others, I asked her how she is doing, and she said “I am very happy with where I am at. It isn’t about the money; it is about the satisfaction.”

March Tip Sheet

Downtown South Bend.jpg


Quick tips for handling your credit cards and reducing your credit card debt.


For ex-offenders looking to re-enter the workforce, look to WorkOne. They offer the HIRE program "to help rehabilitate, trained and determined participants become established in the community."


Make time this coming April for The Excel Centers Class sessions to begin again. Register online and take steps to earn your high school diploma as well as work towards a post-secondary education.


"5 Must-Dos for Hoosiers Nearing or In Retirement"- This is a quick and easy read from the Indiana Legal Services for those in or nearing retirement with information that will help you better understand the choices ahead of you.


March 14th- Wellness Wednesday- Screenings available for Blood Pressure, Diabetes risk assessment, Bone density heel scan (women over 50 only), Body mass index, and Cholesterol ($20 fee)

March 10th- Free Skin Cancer Screening- Schedule an appointment to receive a free skin cancer screening from the Ireland Rd. Medical Group.

For the Family

While we wait in Michiana for the weather to warm up, spend time with the little ones at the Health Works! Kids' Museum. Admission for those 2 and older is $6, below 2 is Free!

For the Parents

March 17th- Bremen Kiwanis Mom2Mom Children's resale- Held at Bremen High School will be holding this event with 74 booths that will be full of gently used children's items for sale. $1 enterance fee.

For Young Adults

Members of the Kroc Center have an opportunity to take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University for free! Tuesdays, March 6th- May 1st | 6:00PM-8:00PM. Membership kit required.

For the Kids

A family field trip to the South Bend Chocolate might be your next fun adventure! $5 for adults and children 11 and under are $2 admission. Go behind the scenes and see how the Chocolate is made.

February Tip Sheet