I want to welcome a new partner to the SJC Bridges family, Laidig Systems and The Wynn and Carol Laidig Foundation. The Laidig Foundation contributed the first $25,000.00 toward our year end campaign. Woo Hoo! I am excited about the future of this partnership with such an outstanding organization who cares deeply for our community. Please express your gratitude to the Laidig System family.

Tomorrow, remember SJC Bridges Out of Poverty. It’s Giving Tuesday! Join us by helping to Build The Bridge that will move many families within our community out of poverty. Many families are faced with obstacles and barriers that make it almost impossible to overcome.

Our programs and initiatives are designed to help individuals and their families move toward a more stable life. Programs that educate and provide participants the awareness of the affects and traps of poverty. Programs that work closely with employers to better support employees by offering workplace solutions. A comprehensive approach that help under-resourced participants build the resources they need to move out of poverty.

Participants are able to envision a future story that’s full of hope and promise. It’s not just a “Pie in the sky” promise.  The journey is real! The strategies work! And the whole community prospers.

Here is how you can help! Build The Bridge with us. Our goal is to increase the number of services we provide in order to engage more people. To accomplish the goal, we need to raise a total of $200,000.00. 

You can participate in one or more of the following:

  • Bridge Donor - $20,000.00, the entire bridge. 9 bridges are available.
  • Main Road Donor - $5000.00, 1 road per bridge.
  • Pillar Donor - $1000.00, 5 pillars per bridge.
  • Brick Donor - $100.00, 200 bricks per bridge.
  • Foundation Donor – $99.00 and under.

Click DONATE NOW to help Build The Bridge

Please make sure you take the time to read the story of Yolanda Conner, one of Bridges’ success stories.



Executive Director