#BuildTheBridge | The Hope Continues...

“Don’t impoverished people live under the bridge?” was the comment left on our Facebook page responding to our #BuildTheBridge campaign.

Yes! It is true. Too many individuals and families in our community are living under the bridge. The imagery often associated with this reality generates feeling of despair and hopelessness.

But today, let’s choose to change our “gaze” from underneath the bridge to the bridge itself. Let’s view the bridge as a symbol of transformation with each of its components representing steps toward a future story of hope and possibilities.

I hope you will consider helping us reclaim the bridge where at-risk families can move from living underneath the bridge in despair to using the bridge as a pathway to thrive.

Read the compelling success story of one of our program’s graduate, Dorrine Henderson , who is currently in her final year of a Master’s program at Indiana University South Bend.

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