Take The Next Step: Your Community Needs You


It has been a week since we all gathered together at the Center For History, each with hope for the future of our community. It was an amazing reception and we could not be more honored that you took time out of your busy schedule to come celebrate with us and learn more about our vision

St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty is looking far into the future, and we look forward to serving our community along the way. As stated at the reception, we look forward to our community's future story, stories built on ideas generated from collectively asking "What if?" Ideally, what we create at home will be so powerful that the effects will trickle outside our borders, influencing surrounding communities and beyond.

If you were at the Meet and Greet, our team would like to reach out to you within the next few weeks to talk about your next steps. We are excited to speak with you again and hope you are looking forward to it as well!

For those of you who were unable to attend, don't worry! There is still plenty of time to find out more about SJC Bridges and join us in our movement. Of course you can explore our website to find out about all the ways you can become involved, or if you want an even quicker step, you are welcome to call our office at (574) 246 - 0533 or email us directly at sjcbridges@gmail.com.

Now, what is this really all about? SJC Bridges has a strategy to become radically closer to reducing poverty in our community. In the process, we will continue to educate, heighten awareness, and provide effective tools and strategies for alleviating poverty. We will come alongside employers and their employees to improve workplace retention. And, we will expand the "what if" dialogue, inviting the entire community to the table to pinpoint and address barriers and then, create solutions.

There is a place for YOU!  Why? Because in order to best locate systemic barriers and implement truly effective solutions, we need the voices and experiences of everyone. We need the perspectives and life stories of all people, from all backgrounds.

At SJC Bridges Out of Poverty, there are opportunities for you to participate as an Ally, an Advocate, or a Partner. No matter the opportunity, all play a valuable and crucial role in our initiative to end poverty.

Thank you again for your support. Let's make our region a flourishing and vibrant community...together!

((PS: Visit our gallery for more wonderful pictures from this event))