Getting Things Done!

AmeriCorps… “getting things done”, right? Of course! AmeriCorps members who serve with the St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative always get things done. In the capacity of Bridges, AmeriCorps members are readily available to serving in several capacities from helping with Bridges’ Getting Ahead and Financial Management Classes to setting tables for an event. AmeriCorps members are there every step of the way.

The AmeriCorps members here at Bridges provide ease for the nonprofit we serve. We are dependable, adaptable, and most of all humble. These seem to be qualities that all AmeriCorps demonstrate, no matter where they serve. Serving Bridges in both hands-on and business capacities allows us to be versatile in how we utilize our skills.

Here at Bridges, AmeriCorps also serve our community by facilitating Getting Ahead and helping with Financial Management classes. Due to this service, graduates are able to get a second chance at life. One graduate in particular was able to receive a CEU credit from Bethel College, a Food Handler Certification, and a Gold Guest Hotel Service Certification. AmeriCorps members definitely get things done.

AmeriCorps members not only get things done, but we also have fun. The bond that AmeriCorps members have with each other is everlasting. We laugh together, converse with each other, and celebrate with each other. We, as AmeriCorps members, uphold the virtue of getting things done and are willing to serve no matter what. The experience of being an AmeriCorps member is one that is incomparable. Are you ready to join?