Getting Ahead Newsletter June


  Ms. Monica Ali is a woman with her heart set on service to others. Coming from a unique upbringing has given Monica the opportunity to pour love into people’s lives through acts of service that range from buying shoes and coats for families to being able to minister to those around her who are in need of a caring heart. She has experienced physical and then financial loss in her life that led to her needing workman’s compensation. She was blessed with the ability to get past the need of workman’s compensation to the point of giving back the money she was provided because she didn’t need it. 
  She never expected to be in the spot that she is now…needing to take a class on poverty; however, as one of Bridges Out of Poverty of Goodwill’s Getting Ahead Class graduates, she is grateful for the opportunity to have done so. Monica has this to say about the Getting Ahead class; “I didn’t understand poverty, but now I understand it. I learned how to do, and where to go” and it “helped me regain ‘me’”. 

I can be happy again!
— Monica Ali

  Through the class and the empowerment she feels, she is determined to tell the world about the good things she has discovered. She wants to share with everyone, but women especially, just how strong women are. “Women are strong. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong!” Monica said, “I am a minister, I encourage everybody. This time I needed encouragement, and the ladies in this class gave me that! This class helped me to the point where I can be happy again.”
  From this point forward Monica has great aspirations. She has expressed her dreams to invest in and open up her own consignment shop. After creating a financial foundation for herself through the consignment shop she wants to open a home for unwed mothers. “To help one another, to love everyone, that’s what we are here to do.” We here at Bridges Out of Poverty of Goodwill are excited to see where Monica Ali’s Future Story leads her.