Michiana Bridges: An Employer Resource Network

Michiana Bridges provides workplace solutions for under-resourced workers. The Employer Resource Network (ERN) is the perfect solution for employer and employee alike. Why?

Because ERN’s are a triple win: a more stable employee reduces costs to the community and the employer.

What is an ERN?

An ERN is a collaboration and partnership with local employers seeking to increase retention in their entry-level workforce, while also providing assistance to under-resourced employees who may need to solve non-workplace problems which impact their attendance and productivity at work. A key resource in helping individuals transition out of poverty is employment. However, keeping a job is often much more difficult than finding a job because for under-resourced persons, small problems often escalate to into lost work time and eventually lost work. An ERN not only helps an employer’s employees build stability, but is also helps the employer reduce turnover.

There are many additional benefits to being a part of the Michiana Bridges’ Employer Resource Network. For more benefits or to learn more about Michiana Bridges ERN and how you can create a partnership with our network, contact us!

Day One Training

Day One training provides information and tools for professional development for businesses, community leaders, and other organizations who want to make a difference in the community.

Spend a day with our experts regarding poverty and learn effective tools rooted in nationally recognized best practices. You will be able to identify the barriers to getting out of poverty and implement strategies to remove those barriers from your organization and the community.

The goal is that with this knowledge, leaders will play a crucial role in identifying and stopping the systematic barriers which often perpetuate the cycle of generational poverty.

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