Getting Up & Moving Forward

Since graduating from Getting Ahead in 2010 and Financial Management in 2013 Diane Weston has put that new knowledge to good use and a lot has changed for her in the past 6 months. Her new journey after graduating may have not begun right away, but it has gotten her where she is today.

“I learned so much, but I did not put it to good use in the beginning. It wasn’t until the last six months that I used what I’ve learned through Bridges and applied it to my life today.”

Over the course of the past few months Diane has moved from South Bend to Hopkinsville, Kentucky to join her mother and extended family. Within her first 30 days living in Kentucky, Diana found a job through a temp agency. She took the job at Tejas Toyota unaware that she was sent as a temp to hire. Less than 3 months later she was hired on permanently and a month later she received a $1.50 raise plus benefits. Diane’s recent changes have led her to purchase a car and rent a home.

Diane has no one else but God and Bridges Out of Poverty to thank for her recent blessings.

“I would say that being with Bridges Out of Poverty and St. Mar- garet’s house, you have helped me tremendously, and I learned how to live life better than I was living before. [Before Bridges] I was just out there in the world. It didn’t matter, I took the easiest way out, whether it beat me up or lifted me up. For the blessings that have been bestowed upon me, I can’t do anything but praise God.”

When asked what her advice was for graduates and future graduates, Diane shared some powerful insight on how to get where you want to be. “Just take advantage of everything Bridges has to offer. Everything. You keep some and then you let some go, but most importantly remember that Bridges Out of Poverty is a first step. Take what you learn, piece by piece, and you put it all together you will be a success. It won’t happen overnight, you are going to fall a couple of times, but you can always get back up. And you can always count on Bridges to be there for you. Just tell them look at Diane.”