Future Story

The Future Story Project emphasizes the role and importance of women in poverty finding their voices and their leadership to impact their families and community. In 2013, Bridges began a new phase of this work in partnership with the local chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the oldest African American women's sorority in the country.

Led by national expert, Dona Billey Weiler, The Legacy Project launched in 2014. It is a process of women imagining and realizing a different future for themselves, passing on their stories, documenting their values, love, wisdom, and blessings for future generations in the form of legacy letters. Legacy writing is listening, linking the past to the present and future, and preserving and passing on "what's worth knowing." The purpose of the work is to impact and influence future generations and to have each  participant realize that her own life makes a difference. As women discover their place in the legacy circle, they encourage and support each others journey. 

Meet the women of the future story project