Howard Anderson: A Jack of All Trades

Howard Anderson has been involved with Getting Ahead, Day One and Day Two trainings, the Bridges Financial Management Class, and every other class or workshop Bridges has offered. When I asked him why he had chosen to be so involved, he replied: “I love my community, and the more I’m aware of the re- sources it has, the more we will be able to benefit. I want to be more grassroots-oriented and start learning about what my community needs.”

While attending the various workshops Bridges offered, Howard acquired his first home through a loan process: “It’s been a great benefit, finished all of the recommended standards. I feel that if more people were actually aware of the resources in our community, our community would actually thrive.”

Having worked with Memorial Hospital as a case manager, now Mr. Anderson is thinking about building his own business. He explains, “I’ve learned that we all have a need, and I’m provid- ing that need to our community,” to which I asked, “What need is that?” Mr. Anderson replied that the need is to “reduce some of the stresses that ex-prisoners are having when they return to the community. I’m actually working with a few individuals who are working with me as we develop this employment agency. Plus, this is not only me providing them with a path towards sustainability but an awareness of themselves, where we ad- dress this prisoner culture that they’re leaving and help reinte- grate them back into society without them having to recidivate.”

Mr. Anderson is familiar with every resource for ex-prisoners. He sits on various committees, because as he says, his motto is to, “partner with everybody s that there’s no complications for ex-prisoners. When you help them reintegrate, then you com- munity thrives, and we have another tax pay.”

Hearing everything he’s doing to serve out community is truly inspiring. His last words of advice: “Continue to know, to learn, and to further increase your education. Because education is where you acquire the knowledge you need to move forward in your community, your city, and eventually in the world.”