Always Stay Positive

Kimberly Smith and her beautiful baby girl are just about the two sweetest human beings in South Bend. She graduated from Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’ by World (GA) with St. Mar- garet’s House in 2011 and said that the most powerful thing she learned was the fact that she was actually in poverty. Since Kim- berly grew up with plenty of material goods —clothes, shoes, foot, etc. — she didn’t think she was poor. She realized looking back on her life, that around the age of seventeen her family’s life became more unstable and they experienced poverty in many ways. That sort of self-reflection takes a lot of courage and honesty.

After graduating from GA, Kimberly went on to complete the Bridges Financial Management Class in the summer of 2012. She learned to budget in order to see where her money was going every month. Both of these classes have taught her to set goals. Right now she is focused on being a new mother, figuring out daycare, finding a new apartment, and saving for her daughter’s college fund. She recently participated in an opportunity to tell her story through photography in a program called “Project Darkroom.” On top of all, she is a member of the Future Story Leadership Project, meeting with mentors from the community to do skill-building workshops. Her advice: “Keep thinking positive and set goals that you want to accomplish in life. Be strong.”