The Beginning

Teresa Cheeks is a strong woman. She was one of the first people in St. Joseph County to go through the Bridges Out of Poverty programs, graduating from Getting Ahead in 2009 and graduating from Bridges Financial Management Class in 2010. She has been around Bridges so long that Teresa attended the very first Monthly Networking Meeting! Through Getting Ahead and BFMC, Teresa remembers learning how bad poverty really is and all about health and wellness.

Since graduating, Teresa has experienced very loss, tragedy and personal suffering, but by the grace of God she has survived and even thrived. She knows that, when life get’s hard, “no one can do it. All of us gotta come together.” She stays connected to Bridges for guidance and support, and recognizes that she is a beacon of hope and inspiration to many people. She believes it’s important for people to come together to sup- port each other because often times, individuals cannot handle life’s bigger obstacles on their own. Her final words of wisdom reflect the incredible strength and trust she has in God and her community: “Take it one day at a time and focus your thoughts on God, and turn it over to him ‘cause it might come when you want, but what, He is always on time.”