A Growing Artist

Valeria Huston, a Getting Ahead graduated in 2011, was first introduced to the Bridges program through St. Margaret’s House have consistently served as platforms for Valeria to overcome obstacles and pursue her ambitions.

When some intuitively sensed her artistic personality and invited her to participate in Silk Creations at SMH, the stars aligned, so to speak. Valeria graduated from the Bridges Financial Management Class in 2012, which she was initially interested in so she could see her report. Although she knew many of the concepts before taking the class, it was a good reminder and served to update her on any newer policies and rates pertain- ing to finance. Since the financial class, Valeria has been spending her time growing an artistic inclination into a full time job. Right now, Silk Creations silk painted scarves are available at Made in Michiana, where Valeria volunteers her time.

But she’s got bigger plans: by the grace of God and her own knowledge and ambition, Valeria hopes to start her own business doing all kinds of fabric designs and bits and pieces of the whole business plan are slowly coming together. She was recently contracted to create fabrics to coordinate with LuLu Lemon color and design schemes at a local Pilates facility. Her final words of wisdom for getting ahead: “If you are not having fun, you’re not doing it right.”