Who We Are

SJC Bridges Out Of Poverty Initiative has emerged as a credible thought leader and trailblazer for highlighting new philosophy and approaches toward transitioning under-resourced communities out of generational and situational poverty. 


Our Vision

To be a catalyst for identifying and addressing barriers that prevent positive progress for everyone in our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform [our region] into a sustainable community in which individuals move from generational poverty to self sufficiency, enhancing the quality of life for everyone, and creating a model for communities to follow. 



Our Goals

  • To learn about what is and is not working in our community's effort to end poverty.

  • To be advocates for community change, particularly in systemic barriers.

  • To develop a space where people can build relationships across lines of difference.

  • Join Getting Ahead Grads in their efforts to move to self-sufficiency, solve daily problems, and build their resources.